“Lovely, gentle, and honest, Endearing Pain invites the reader to walk with Colleen as she struggles to make sense not only of her pain and her body’s progressive weakening, but also of faith, meaning, life and love.” — JAMIE HOWISON, Author of God’s Mind in That Music, Priest; Saint Benedict’s Table, Winnipeg

“I am so glad Colleen has made the effort — excruciating at times, no doubt — to produce this book. And I’m so glad you’ve picked it up to read.” — BOB BEASLEY, Vice President of International Ministry, Bible League Canada

“I strongly recommend this book to anyone living with chronic pain or disability, [or caring] for someone who fits this description. From reading this book in its various stages, as well as observing Colleen’s life first-hand, I am struck by the fact that not only has Colleen been ‘refined’ by her suffering, but that she truly lives more fully in each moment than I do in a year.” — BEV RUTHERFORD, Family Physician, Victoria, BC

“Peters has chronicled a decade of neuropathic pain due to multiple sclerosis. She has unique insights on its impact on her personality, self-image, family and spiritual life. Like the psalmist, she expresses fears, disappointments, angst, and ultimately her assurance in God who has accompanied her throughout.” — ALLAN RONALD, Emeritus Professor of Internal Medicine, University of Manitoba

“In Endearing Pain, Peters reminds us that Christians through the centuries have understood something about suffering that our culture grasps only very dimly. Living with ugly things need not be ugly. In God’s mysterious ways, they acquire beauty. One of this slim volume’s special gifts is the use it makes of insights from other writers, introducing us to an array of them who’ve thought about the meaning of suffering.” — HAROLD JANTZ, Editor; Journalist